About the blog:
You’ll find here personal opinions about the tech ecosystem in France and Europe mainly as well as some feedback on strategies large corporate companies and startups are leveraging to eventually grow faster. All the content is a tentative understanding of what happens when the digital world -entrepreneurs with disruptive process to start and grow a business, relying on bold technology and unprecedented strategies to acquire clients and manage their teams- collides with the old world -large corporate groups with massive assets, and a market share to grow with teams that are made to deliver a standardized customer experience through a well-rounded process.

Uber (transportation), Amazon (commerce), Tesla (automotive), Airbnb (hospitality), Zillow (real estate), Younique (beauty care), and others well known dot-com corporations have made clear the business skill sets, process, and management have been upgraded. Upgraded because you still need to deliver on the business foundation: financing, analyzing, forecasting, anticipating, partnering, deal making, revenue generating, cost saving, name it. Which is what the digital world needs to learn better.

Whether you adjust or die is up to all companies. There are many shortcuts that work, pitfalls that are hidden, hard work -restructuring- to be done. That is the topic of this blog, from my standpoint: at the rendez-vous point between the digital and the old world.

With both experience in startup business, digital marketing and technologies, Romain moved to the consulting side. He co-founded The Persuaders, a social media consultancy, before launching DShapers, a digital transformation boutique leading digital services for large corporate groups. He then joined Fast-Up Partners to build from scratch and lead performing digital activities for international companies. He also serves as advisor for startup exec teams on structuring their business to address corporate groups.

Scope of work:
– leverage large and complex customer data to upgrade sales performance both on & offline
– model business and strategy to scale / upgrade a digital-centric business
– define investment requirements / budgets to launch a digital-centric business

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