IBM and Oracle to disrupt the corporate accelerator business in France?

France has been active in the startup accelerator business for a few years with corporate accelerators alongside corporate venture initiatives, privately held accelerators, and State supported accelerators. The objective for all of them is to help startups grow faster and steadier. Yet, the impacts of such initiatives are still to prove their value generation for all stakeholders since there is no clear success out of it. Maybe the ones launched by IBM and Oracle in the last few days would change the game as they are focusing on providing deals to the startups instead of advisory for their first baby steps. Continue reading IBM and Oracle to disrupt the corporate accelerator business in France?

Should Corporate use Growth Hacking methods?

Startups have hijacked the Marketing stage for a few years now. New process, new tools and now models of management of Marketing have emerged thanks to the startups. They even created a specific term to crown their expertise: “Growth Hacking.” A dedicated concept with a large community all around the world has been growing steadily since 2010 and two people, Sean Ellis and Andrew Chen, made that concept global. Today you can see on LinkedIn that many profiles are “Growth Hackers” and some are part of large corporate companies instead of startups. Does it mean you need to care about the Growth Hacking methods when you are a Corporate? Quick answer: not at all. Continue reading Should Corporate use Growth Hacking methods?

Corporate Venture is meaningless

France is a renowned provider of talents for tech startups. You can find many of the French brains at the top levels of many of the Unicorns, those so-called startups that have made their ways to the worldwide stage. But when it comes to Corporate Venture, French companies are at the bottom of the well. Numbers are telling so according to Cécile Brosset (BPI Director of Development): USA has invested 24 times the amount of France in 2015. Though numbers don’t mean much since it doesn’t identify the value generation of those investments, it still shows that France based Corporate venture units are lagging behind. Explanations provided are that French traditional top companies are risk averse and tend to use their Corporate ventures as communication levers. I would beg to differ, it is because they are lost in a new world where industry matters less than technology. Continue reading Corporate Venture is meaningless