Digital transformation for dummies

I have been at the forefront of the global growth of the new technologies and its ever-changing usages from SMBs to large corporate groups. Since it has helped some companies emerge from the crowd and increase their value generation, all C-suite are willing to jump in the bandwagon. Though the vast majority of them don’t have any clue what is happening, it is mostly needed to do a strategic change to focus on “Digital”. So, let’s try to debunk the “Digital transformation” that we all have in mind. Continue reading Digital transformation for dummies

Can Snapchat live up to its IPO?

Snapchat has filed for IPO a few days ago for an expected total valuation of $25B dollars. A total that is far away from the $104B for Facebook and Alibaba ($167B), yet one of the major operations for the “startup” world. As always in such a case, we all dive into the prospectus to have a look into the real numbers they are sharing with the general public. But what are the key numbers that should be telling us whether Snap (new company name) can really grow as fast as the investors are expecting? And eventually, is the market able to sustain the company growth? Continue reading Can Snapchat live up to its IPO?

Social media means building on sands

Some key numbers for your digital business are revealing an impressive trend: Social Media isn’t the online traffic provider that we used to know. Depending on the segment of market, companies have lost from 30% to 80% of traffic coming from that “single” source. The situation isn’t critical for traditional companies but digital native ones are starting to feel the bleeding. Yet, that also means that would be a relief for their acquisition costs since they would be able to refocus on what really matters: real-life process to create a sustainable and scalable customer loyalty. But the situation would become more of an issue for large corporate groups that have massively invested in Social Media. How to turn that around? Continue reading Social media means building on sands