General public and media companies have welcomed the drones. Yet, B2B business is still in the early years with opportunities to be confirmed in the several markets such as Infrastructure, Agriculture or transportation. Those markets amount for 71% of the global business of the drones, according to PwC forecasts. What will make the difference between the winners and losers in such a high potential business area? It would definitely be the capability to address a simple need: turn images into leverageable informations for expert validation.

That means the challenge all companies willing to push into this market will be their ability to insert their services into the value chain of expert jobs. Dronecle is a proof of this. The French startup targets the airplane maintenance business with a drone swarm, lowering the time spent by the aircraft in a shed plus the required resources to run the manual analysis. The key issue isn’t in the drone since it becomes a prerequisite to the job. It would be the data collection quality done through drone imagery, then the data analysis and sharing for the maintenance experts to assess and validate the aircraft capability to fly / the required level of maintenance for it to fly.

Information source: FrenchWeb