About Romain Péchard

Romain is an entrepreneur turned consultant in entrepreneurship for large companies and corporate groups to help them (re)think their market and launch new services and business lines. He provides “safe places to fail”, or more precisely “safe places to win”, which means and tools and methods to prototype and test new ideas and concepts with no negative impact on the current business nor on the current organization.

Romain worked on such projects with B2C companies such as Mars, Danone, L’Occitane, BIC, Colas. He helped them build, test, refine, and scale ambitious services and brands, whether they are DNVB*, eCommerce platforms, mobile applications, subscription based services, and robotics/ IoT.

Romain is based in Paris, France. He worked in the USA, and across Europe. He holds an MBA from INSEAD.

*DNVB: Digital Native Vertical Brand